Koolray autobody is your home for quality repair. We sacrifice nothing to ensure that your vehicle is put back together the way your manufacturer made it to be. We believe that you and your family’s safety is the number one concern whenever repairing your vehicle.

What happens next

We can assume that if you’ve stumbled upon our website your probably in need of our services. Collision repair is usually a surprise and more than likely an unwanted hassle. Here at Koolray’s we strive to make it hassle free. Within our website you’ll hopefully find the answers to the questions that you now have. If you don’t please feel free to call us at the shop (724-468-6729) or send us an email with your questions to Koolrayautobody@gmail.com.

Top five things you need to know

  1. We believe that there is only one way to repair your vehicle. That is the OEM manufacture way. For this reason some insurance companies will not want you to bring your car here. They know that we won’t let it slide through cheaply just to save them money.
  2. Aftermarket parts do not offer the same fit and finish as OEM parts. Some parts, for example, bumper reinforcements, are poorly made by an ‘after market’ company and this can potentially affect your airbag timing in another collision.
  3. The state of Pennsylvania does have laws against your insurance company telling you where to take your vehicle for repair. Insurance companies are allowed to suggest shops they work with, but they are not permitted to require you to get your vehicle repaired at their shop.
  4. Koolray autobody has no contract with your insurance company. Our only contract is with you (our customer) for the repair. We ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly and we will submit all documents to your insurance company to assist in getting you reimbursed.
  5. Koolray Autobody is a family owned business. This means we treat our employees and clients with the upmost respect. We believe that a supportive work environment with a positive attitude will directly affect our product.

Settling for less

Thinking about a bodyshop that will save you money? It might be true that some shops are just out there to gouge your wallet and take everything they can, but there are still some shops that provide honest work. You have found one here, at Koolray Autobody we document everything we do while keeping you informed of any added costs along the way. Added costs are a normal part of collision repair as vehicles today are extremely complex and what might look like a light bumper hit could end up totaling your car. Now more than ever it is very important that you take your vehicle to a skilled and caring professional. If you find yourself in a repair facility that says they will do the work significantly cheaper than another, ask questions. If the shop specifically says they are leaving things off maybe its time to consider a different shop.

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