The Right Auto Collision Repair Can Restore a Car.

When your car hits an object, that impact travels through your entire vehicle, bending or breaking body panels, frame components, wheels, interior pieces, and drivetrain parts. For example, it may seem odd that we will take your vehicle for a wheel alignment, but it’s a necessary part of collision repair because even a minor fender bender can affect the position of the suspension.

It used to be that a car that had been involved in a collision seldom if ever returned to its former state of operational excellence. However, today’s collision shops have become far more sophisticated, and it is now possible to restore many vehicles to their original condition after they’ve been involved in a collision. The key to this is making sure that all repairs performed on the vehicle are done correctly so that the car maintains the same sound structure, functionality, and beautiful appearance it had before the collision.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, make sure to find the right appraiser, and choose the right collision shop, so that your vehicle can be just as efficient and good-looking after the accident, as it was before. Here at KoolRay Auto Body, we are “that shop”

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