About Us

Do it right or don’t do it at all!

This isn’t just a phrase around here its a way of life. No matter what we do we want it done right with no exceptions. From collision repair to customer service and everything in between we feel it must be done 100%.

Jeff Kudray, who is the owner of Koolray Autobody opened the doors originally in 1989 in a small two car garage connected to his house. A few years later in 1995 they completed the building we currently operate out of. Jeff always dreamed of perfection. It didn’t mattered to him if it was a car that was sitting in the weeds for 5 years or a brand new Mercedes. He always made sure when leaving his shop it looked perfect and the customers were happy. Today the same values Jeff originally had hold true. We want our customers to be happy, and we want the repairs made to be a cut above the rest.

Current shop mananger JT Kudray quite literally grew up in the shop with the shop being a mere 30 second walk from the house he was raised in. JT took his dads dream of perfection and ran with it. To him it is not only about how vehicles look on the outside its about using the correct products and methods to make certain the vehicle is back to pre loss condition on the inside as well. You could consider him a nerd of the industry, always looking for whats new in the ever changing world of collision repair. A breif conversation with him and you will be able to tell that he really does live, eat, sleep and breath the collision industry.

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